Testing Kabocha Squash Creme Brulee with ChefSteps Joule

Joule Has Arrived / Kabocha Creme Brulee Test

We’ve been waiting on Joule to arrive for the last few months. One of our circulators didn’t make it out of Steve’s Deli alive, and Ed’s fairly convincing when he believes the latest gadget will make us overall better human beings. The little guy came in the mail last week, and we decided to test…

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Chestnut Sage Stuffed Squash

I’ve been willfully ignoring the alarmingly warm November and going all in on squash season. Ed’s been working some late nights, and while my inclination is to crack open a box of mac n cheese and binge watch Netflix with cats, I’m hanging onto some of my pride with squashes full of grains. Nearly as…

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Taking Comfort

If there was ever a time for comfort food, it was yesterday. When I’m feeling particularly sad or vulnerable or weak, I always fall back on trying to replicate the feeling of trekking through Long Island City in the rain and gorging myself on $5 worth of Indian tomato soup and samosas. Tuesday ended with a…

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Blackberry Neufchatel Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust

Last week, we did a major kitchen reorganize and finally re-opened a pantry cabinet that we had painted shut a few months ago (oops!). Rediscovering a slew of baking pans, and not to be outdone by Ed’s tiny cinnamon loaves, I decided to welcome the springform pan back into the family with cheesecake. I’ve never…

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Mushroom Barley Soup with Ramps

While we’re stuck in Steve’s Deli limbo, we’ve been trying to enjoy the freedom of living without a constant stream of nearly-expired sandwich fixings. Turns out that you can go wild at the grocery store without breaking the bank if you barricade yourself in the produce aisle and pretend that cheese doesn’t exist. After scooping up a…

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Springtime BBQ

Sometimes it’s funny how things work out.  Not really here, though. We just started thinking that we should introduce a new outdoor space and instead decided to fix up an underutilized one. There’re two things you need to know about outdoor furniture. It’s expensive and, it’s generally pretty ugly. We drove around last Saturday trying…

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NYC Sandwich Tour pt. 2

A few more shots from our recent New York visit!  We had reservations for Sadelle’s that Thursday afternoon.  It’s too cute. Ignoring any concept of how much food a person can reasonably eat, we eagerly made our way through bagels, tuna melts, and blintzes, each better than the last. The folks next to us decided it…

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NYC Sandwich Tour

Maggie and I returned to her 2nd hometown of New York City last week to see Faust play at Market Hotel, a venue where she worked years ago.  Maggie also had a doctor’s appointment at Mt. Sinai.   We decided to stick to an all sandwich diet, partly for Steve’s research and partly cause we’re…

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