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Living Room Update | All White Everything

Aside from a down and dirty paint job on a super spooky small bedroom, the third floor was the first room we tackled when renovating the house. Originally, we decided to save our efforts (and dollars) to put towards moving forward on the deli. As we realized that timeline was becoming more and more abstract,…

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Final Days at Pittsburgh Public Market + New Adventures

This past week, the Pittsburgh Public Market collectively decided that the final day of operations will be February 28th. We feel incredibly fortunate for our involvement in such a collaborative environment that has helped us cultivate relationships with local folks pulling off some really great projects. We’ll be going strong until the end of the month and…

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Hexagonal ceiling molding

We went through a lot of different ideas about what to put on the ceilings.  We started with tin tiles, which were too expensive, and backing boards seemed like a pain.  Styrofoam faux tin ceilings seemed like a good idea, but were ugly in real life, and needed to be painted and there was no…

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DIY Pendant Light Canopy

I like to save dessert diy projects to have after annoying projects.  The crown molding was semi-dessert after skim coating the ceiling.  Putting in these pendant lights was double dessert.  Maggie having jobs at furniture stores has helped us out quite a bit now and again.  We got a really good deal on these Tom…

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Philips Hue LED Light Review

  Who doesn’t dream of a modern home of wifi connected devices, changing the color temperature of your room with the click of a button? We’ve been eying up the bulbs and LED strips from Philips Hue for quite a while now. I treated myself to a set of new pendants slated to be the…

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Crown Molding and Baseboard Cap Molding

Our decision to just skim coat the ceilings got us pretty excited about having some extra money around to buy more intense crown molding.  We looked around a settled on a 3.5″ crown from Allegheny Millworks and Lumber and got a decorative strip from lowes.  Tip: If you’re buying a lot of strips of molding…

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