NYC Sandwich Tour pt. 2

A few more shots from our recent New York visit!  We had reservations for Sadelle’s that Thursday afternoon.  It’s too cute. Ignoring any concept of how much food a person can reasonably eat, we eagerly made our way through bagels, tuna melts, and blintzes, each better than the last. The folks next to us decided it…

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NYC Sandwich Tour

Maggie and I returned to her 2nd hometown of New York City last week to see Faust play at Market Hotel, a venue where she worked years ago.  Maggie also had a doctor’s appointment at Mt. Sinai.   We decided to stick to an all sandwich diet, partly for Steve’s research and partly cause we’re…

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Steamed Crispy Artichokes

We grew up in a weird time for food. I, personally, come of age eating a hell of a lot of canned vegetables. Questionable textures, often drowned in butter and saccharine sweet. One thing my mother really did right, though, was artichokes. I have nothing but fond memories for spaghetti dinners that began with artichokes…

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Spicy Carrot Margaritas

While we settle into a new routine in light of our Steve’s Deli hibernation, we’re enjoying some extra free time. The recent warm weather and our new found freedom left us itching for spring time cocktails, so we took advantage of our lingering whole-sale vendors and grabbed a 10 lb bag of carrots. We stumbled…

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RIP Steve’s Deli (for a little while)

Last weekend was the final days in operation for the Pittsburgh Public Market. Extremely thankful for everyone that came out to support us and the rest of the vendors at the market, buy us out of sandwiches, and listen to Bjork inspired sauerkraut ballads. Keep your ear to the ground as we wade through piles…

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Double Chocolate Double Flowers Double Dinner

Hey happy valentines day! I didn’t have too much time to get presents this year so I bought us some tulips, salted dark chocolate caramels, and Olive & Sinclair’s Benton’s chocolate brittle.  It tastes like chocolate ham. We were going to have crab legs and steak for dinner. Maggie was off on Sunday, so she…

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Happy Valentime’s Day!

Last Valentine’s Day we spent the afternoon sharing notes with the management at the Pittsburgh Public Market and taking the first major steps to make Steve’s Deli a reality. This year, we’re wrapping up our final few weeks of our stint there, but the lights are still on at the Public Market (for now) and we’re…

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Final Days at Pittsburgh Public Market + New Adventures

This past week, the Pittsburgh Public Market collectively decided that the final day of operations will be February 28th. We feel incredibly fortunate for our involvement in such a collaborative environment that has helped us cultivate relationships with local folks pulling off some really great projects. We’ll be going strong until the end of the month and…

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Romanesco Broccoli Bowl

Resolutions and a New Recipe • Romanesco Broccoli Bowl

We spent the first day of the new year catching up on some much needed sleep, cracking open new notebooks, and gathering our thoughts so that could dive into 2016 with new energy. The last few months have been uncertain and tumultuous, so it’s always nice to take a step back and assess the goals…

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Mid Century Chair Update

I found a pair of Johannes Andersen chairs in the trash more than 10 years ago. One of two was damaged beyond repair and went back to the curb. The other has traveled with me through half a dozen other apartments since then. Shortly after getting the chair, I stripped off several layers of bad…

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